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Vision, Mission and Goals


Central Arizona’s premier choice in education and career excellence.


Central Arizona College serves as a TRUE Learning community by empowering our students and staff to succeed.

Teaching. Reaching. Understanding. Empowering. Learning.


  1. Accountability
  2. Communities
  3. Trust

Strategic Goals:

Student Success

Ensure student success through retention, persistence, completion, and transfer


Ensure all Pinal County residents and others have access to high quality innovative post-secondary opportunities


Ensure students acquire the skills necessary for job placement and that meet employer needs in Pinal County and Region


Ensure Pinal County residents have access to lifelong learning and cultural enrichment


Ensure a safe, sustainable environment that promotes learning, communication, diversity and satisfaction among students and employees.


Ensure optimization of fiscal resources through a balanced budget to support the needs and expectations of students and the community


Ensure a physical and technological infrastructure that support changes in learning and working environment

CAC Strategic Plan

Common Student Learning Outcomes:

Central Arizona College supports student success and academic achievement by providing a high quality education which integrates continuous improvement strategies in teaching and learning. CAC’s graduates possess academic knowledge, skills, and attitudes of an educated citizen, including competency in our Common Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs).

The four Common Student Learning Outcomes are:

Cultural and Civic Engagement
Participate in diverse environments while demonstrating global citizenship and social consciousness

Integrative Knowledge
Identify, comprehend, apply and synthesize facts, concepts, theories and practices across broad and specialized knowledge areas

Personal and Professional Skills
Demonstrate skills which enhance personal and professional development

Reasoning Skills
Inquire and analyze to solve problems, draw logical conclusions, or create innovative ideas

The CSLOs were approved by the Pinal County Community College Governing Board on September 18, 2012.