Class Schedule

Please Note

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Central Arizona College has updated the teaching methods of the fall 2020 class schedule to reflect continued social distancing.

Please continue to review your class schedule for any changes in the format it is taught.
Such as, hybrid/face-to-face/online, online, or online/synchronous.

CAC will continue to post any future changes and reach out to communicate with students who have registered.

Class Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all of my classes be online this fall semester?
The majority of classes have moved to a virtual/online format.

What does online delivery mean?
This course delivery means it will be a traditional online class, with no specific day, time or campus restrictions. Ignore the campus designation

What does online/synchronous mean?
Like an online class, the course work is done virtually, but there is also a structured format, like a lecture, at a specific day and time.  Instead of on campus though it will be online, through Blackboard.  Ignore the campus designation

What does hybrid/face to face/online mean?
This means that the majority of your class will be online, but there may be skills testing, labs, or other hands-on training on campus.  This will be arranged by your professor. Please speak with your professor when classes begin for scheduling information.  All face to face components will be carried out with all safety considerations in mind.

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