Payment Plans

Payment Plans are administered by Central Arizona College and become available in the student portal on the first day of registration for each semester. Payment plans are designed to stretch out the student’s balance owed over the duration of the semester.  Both the Fall and Spring semesters offer up to four payments, and the Summer semester plan will offer up to three payments.  The number of payments offered depends on when the student enrolls in the plan.

The payment plan can be used for:

  • Self pay students who are looking to pay tuition and fees over the length of the semester
  • Students who are waiting on their financial aid status to be approved
  • Students who need to charge books

Cost to Enroll:  $35.00

  • Enrollment fee is charged every semester
  • Enrollment fee is non-refundable
  • There is a $10.00 late fee for any payments made after the ten day grace period. (NOTE: a HOLD will be placed on the student account if payments are not made on time)

Payment Due Dates


Enrollment DeadlineNumber of PaymentsEnrollment FeePayment Due Dates
February 10th 4$35February 15, March 15, April 15, May 15
March 10th 3$35March 15, April 15, May 15
April 10th 2$35April 15, May 15


Enrollment DeadlineNumber of PaymentsEnrollment FeePayment Due Dates
June 10th3$35June 15, July 15, August 15
July 10th 2$35July 15, August 15


Enrollment DeadlineNumber of PaymentsEnrollment FeePayment Due Dates
September 10th 4$35September 15, October 15, November 15, December 15
October 10th 3$35October 15, November 15, December 15
November 10th 2$35November 15, December 15

Automatic Billing

Currently there is no option for automatic payment for the payment plan. Students must log into the portal and make the payment by the scheduled due date.

To Enroll In A Payment Plan

Start from the CAC Home Page

  1. Select Student Portal  from the quick links
  2. Log in to your portal
  3. Select My Finances-Payment Plan Form
  4. Select Click here to enroll in a Payment Plan

Follow the prompts and be sure to click the “Return to Payment Plan”  link after paying your enrollment fee to finish the process.

Disclaimer:  By signing up for the payment plan you agree to abide by the terms of the agreement. Each student will be given one opportunity to re-enroll in a payment plan if terms are not met. After that, students will no longer be able to utilize the payment plan and charges will be come due and payable at time of registration. 

Questions About the Payment Plan?  Contact Us Below

Phone:  520-494-5240


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