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Central Arizona College serves Military/Veteran Spouses and Dependents

Central Arizona College (CAC) is proud and honored to serve Military and Veterans students, along with their spouses and dependents, for their education needs.

CAC has been approved by the State Approving Agency (SAA)

CAC has been approved by the State Approving Agency (SAA) to administer the VA Education Benefits program and is approved for Military Tuition Assistant (TA) for all branches of the United States Armed Forces. We offer a wide variety of degrees/certificate programs to help service members and their families, along with veterans and their spouses and dependents, to reach their education goals. Along with this, we are a dedicated staff that helps guide and direct students in choosing a degree that will help them achieve their career path. We also help guide students on how to use their VA Benefits more efficiently. The Military & Veteran’s Services Department at CAC is located at the main campus in Coolidge, Arizona, and is excited to help students in getting started using Military or Veterans benefits here at Central Arizona College.

Updates & Reminders

Early Military & Veteran Priority Summer/Fall Registration!

When: March 7, 2022 through March 21, 2022
Who: Service Members, Veterans or spouse/dependent of Veteran

Students using VA benefits will still need to meet with an Academic Advisor
to received a MAP and be registered for school, even for Early Registration.
Courses for F2F and Hybrid/F2F are limited, so make an appointment today by  clicking here!

CAC VA forms Updated!!

All CAC VA forms are fillable and ONLY electronic submissions will be accepted.
Any form used with a date prior to the ones listed below will not be accepted.
Certification Request Forms: 15SEP21
VA Admissions Forms: 15SEP21
ADD/DROP Form: 15SEP21

Changes to Spring Schedule?

All  changes to schedules will need to be reported
to the School Certifying Official by the student, within
24 hours, including drops by Faulty. Any changes made
after the start of the term will require the form below:

Financial Warning SAP Requirements

All VA students using VA Education Benefits, whether
using student loans or not, are required to follow the
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy set by CAC.
Any student on Financial Suspension cannot
use VA Education Benefits to pay for college.

What is a VA HOLD?!!

All students using VA Education Benefits will  be required
to have a VA HOLD placed on their student accounts to prevent
them from  registering without seeing an advisor first. The hold
will remain on the account until  the benefits have been exhausted
or the student is no longer using VA Benefits to pay for college.

Welcome to Veteran Services

Central Arizona College (CAC) is approved for all Chapters of the G.I. Bill

Here at Central Arizona College (CAC), we are approved for all Chapters of the G.I. Bill® through the State Approving Agency (SAA). Below is some basic information for students looking to attend or transfer to CAC. Before applying, please take the time to read through all the information below. If you have any questions regarding the chapters or CAC policies, please feel free to contact the School Certifying Official at CAC.

Tuition Assistance (TA)

Central Arizona College also offers Tuition Assistance (TA) for all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Please see the Active Military Tab for more information.

VA Education Benefits Factsheet

VA  Education Benefits Checklist

U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Education Programs

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Degree and Certificate Programs

All students must declare a Master Academic Plan (MAP), which is either a transferable degree, an Associate of Applied Science degree, or Certificate. Below is a link to Central Arizona College’s  list of programs, and description of the degree/certificate programs:
CAC Degrees and Certificates

Please note that not all degree/certificate programs listed in the catalog are eligible for VA educational benefits. Please click on the link below for a list of degree/certificate programs that are not cleared by the VA for approval for VA education benefits.
 NOT approved degrees/certificate programs 

Mandatory Advising

All students receiving VA education benefits at Central Arizona College (CAC) are required to meet with an academic advisor every semester to create or update their degree/certificate programs. Academic AdvisingStudents will need to obtain a signed Master Academic Plan (MAP) for their program of study from their academic advisor. This MAP will then be submitted to the SCO by the Academic Advisor for certification purposes. It is recommended that students schedule an appointment with an advisor as soon as the registration period is open for the upcoming semester.

Central Arizona College (CAC)  provides a Net Price Calculator that is available to all new students. The calculator provides an approximation of what a student can expect to pay to attend CAC. Additional cost for education can be found on the Financial Aid website or by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

Prior College and Military Transcripts

Students eligible for VA Education Benefits at Central Arizona College (CAC) who have attended other higher education institutions, must submit official transcript(s) to CAC for evaluation of transfer of credit into the degree/certificate program. Failure to disclose attendance/transcript(s) from previous college(s) is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and is grounds for denial of admission or immediate suspension if enrolled.

For Military Transcripts, the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard Joint Service Transcripts (JST), will need to be ordered through the Department of Defense (DoD).  A free unofficial copy of the JST can be downloaded as a PDF document and submitted to the School Certifying Official (SCO). This is NOT a substitution for an official transcript. For students who served in the Air Force, transcripts can be requested through the CCAF website.


Financial Aid Resources
Veteran's Services Specialist
Financial Aid Contact Information
  • District Office-Signal Peak Campus   520.494.5425
  • Superstition Mountain Campus 480.677.7731
  • San Tan Campus 480.677.7830
  • Maricopa Campus 520.494.6429
  • Aravaipa Campus 520.357.2800

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