Survey Procedure

Central Arizona College administers a wide array of surveys in order to collect feedback from students, faculty, staff, and other individuals. Surveys provide information that supports continuous improvement efforts, planning, and reporting to external groups. CAC’s Office of Institutional Research (IR) has established procedures to streamline the survey process, protect respondents, and ensure that survey instruments are effective.

To obtain IR’s support in designing and administering a survey, please review the Survey Procedure and then complete the Survey Proposal Form, which should be submitted to IR at least six weeks prior to when you would like to conduct the survey. When you have obtained the survey results, please complete the Survey Completion Form and submit it to IR.

Survey Calendar

Some of the surveys that CAC regularly administers may provide data that you are seeking.  For more information, contact IR.


Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) The national CCSSE asks students about institutional practices and student behaviors highly correlated with student learning and retentionMarch – April, Odd Years
Educational Testing Services Proficiency Profile
The national ETS assesses four core skill areas – reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking – in a single testMarch – April, Even Years
Graduate Employment SurveyCAC surveys its recent graduates about various aspects of their employment following graduationNovember – December, May – June
Great Colleges to Work ForThe national Great Colleges to Work For survey provides participating colleges and universities with a means to gather insights from faculty and staffMarch – April
Higher Education Partnership Satisfaction SurveyThis survey provide institutions with comparable measures to evaluate the processes of building and maintaining collaborative relationshipsApril
Semester Course EvaluationsCAC administers course evaluation each semester to gather student feedback about the classes in which they participateNovember – December, April – May
Sexual Assault-Conduct and Campus Climate (Title IX)This survey measures the prevalence of sexual assault on campus and gauge students’ attitudes and behaviors October, February, May