Promise – 25 Changes Lives

Promise – 25 Changes Lives

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Together we can make higher education a reality for Pinal County students through our Commitment for the Promise for the Future program.

Our Goal – The Promise Legacy

Our goal is to increase the Promise endowment fund to sustain the Promise program for future generations of Pinal County students. Promise is a program which has been rewarding hardworking students with scholarships to ensure a tuition-free education at Central Arizona College for nearly twenty years.

How You Can Help – $25 Goes A Long Way

Make your commitment today with a donation of $25 or more. Your contribution to the Promise Legacy will make college a reality for Pinal County students and support their future success.

Student Success Stories

Promise for the Future Scholarship Success Story Student ImageMy name is Sierra and I am currently a sophomore at Central Arizona College. When I was in middle school, college seemed far from my future. For one, I did not think I was smart enough to be in college. Plus, I have always been passionate about art, makeup more specifically. I knew that I did not need college to pursue that passion, which seemed like a good thing to me at the time because I could not afford it.

I do not come from a family of wealth. In fact, through much of my life, my family struggled financially. This was not always the case but would become a familiar reality for my family after my dad was hurt. The unfortunate events that led to his injury turned my middle-class family into one that was just getting by.

My parents, despite the hardships they faced, wanted the best for their kids. The California school system my siblings and I had been attending was the exact opposite of that. It was one of the biggest reasons why my parents moved my family from California to Arizona. My parent’s decision to move allowed me to attend a middle school in Pinal County where Promise for the Future was being promoted.

Eighth-grade Sierra signed up for Promise not thinking much of it. However, when I finally entered high school, Promise for the Future became an incentive for me to work hard.  While I wasn’t sold on going to college, growing up in a family where money wasn’t abundant inspired me to take every opportunity given to me. In front of me was the opportunity to choose to go to college, a choice that ‘middle school Sierra’ did not think was at all possible.

I decided that bringing joy to people through makeup is what I wanted to do professionally. While college may have not been necessary for me to make those dreams happen, I realized that an associate degree in business from Central Arizona College would make these dreams much easier to obtain.

Looking back, ‘middle school Sierra’ thought A LOT was impossible. I’m glad to say that version of myself was wrong on more than one account. College wasn’t far from my future; it is my future. The Promise for the Future scholarship and program allowed me the opportunity to see that.

I made my promise, will you make yours?

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