Employee Concerns Complaints

Employee Concerns/Complaints

An employee may bring forward a concern/complaint by completing one of the following steps:

  1.  Contact Talent Development.
    • Directly contact the VP, Talent Development/Legal Affairs or the Employment/Employee Relations Manager.

2.  Complete an Incident Report Form.

    • An Incident Report Form can be completed anonymously and is automatically routed to the VP, Talent Development/Legal Affairs.

3.  Complete the Leadership Feedback Form Survey.

    • The Leadership Feedback Form Survey can be completed anonymously and is automatically routed to the President.

4.  Speak to your assigned Constituency Advocate.

    • The Constituency Advocate serves as a neutral party who provides the employee with a voice, as well as a compassionate helping hand during a time of unrest, with an end goal to provide the employee with the ability to feel heard without fear of retaliation.

**Note:  Anonymous concerns/complaints are accepted, but could prove challenging to investigate. Central Arizona College tries to provide supportive measures to all Complainants, which is with an anonymous report.  Since anonymous reporting carries no obligation to initiate a formal response and since Central Arizona College respects a Complainant’s requests to dismiss complaints, unless there is a compelling threat to health and/or safety, the Complainant is largely in control and should not fear a loss of privacy.