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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (DE) permits high school students to start earning college credit while in high school.  Special DE classes are held at the high school during the regular high school day to qualified high school students, who meet the ACCUPLACER and academic prerequisites, register properly and pay tuition and fees.

Several Pinal County high schools partner with Central Arizona College by offering Dual Enrollment classes.  Students should please ask their high school guidance counselor if DE classes are available at their high school.

While there are advantages to getting a jump start on higher education, students and parents should seriously consider college class expectations.  Grades posted to a college transcript will follow the student for life and will affect future opportunities for employment, financial aid, and academics.

High school students should see their high school counselor for information on how to enroll in one of these programs.  The high school determines whether or not CAC credit applies for high school graduation credit

There are additional  details and requirements specific to each program.  Central Arizona College reserves the right to make changes to these programs without notification.

Dual Enrollment

(Use this bulleted list to compare Dual Enrollment classes with Tech Prep classes.  Please see the Tech Prep Web page.)

  • Offered — Fall and Spring Semesters only.
  • Class ranking — students who have completed their sophomore or  junior year.
  • Tuition — The student must pay tuition to CAC based upon legal residency status.
  • Books — may or may not be at student expense.  (Varies by high school.)
  • Credits — transferable academic credit. The student will receive the credits from Central Arizona College on a CAC transcript.
  • ACCUPLACER Testing — Yes
  • Prerequisites — As may apply by CAC.  (see cac catalog)