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Central Arizona College (CAC) offers associate degrees which transfer to all three Arizona public universities:

  • ¬∑Associate of Arts (A.A.)

  • ¬∑Associate of Science (A.S.).¬†

  • ¬∑Associate of Business (A.B.)

  • ¬∑Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

  • ¬∑Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.)

These associate degrees require 60-64 semester credits and share four basic ‚Äúblocks‚ÄĚ in addition to CAC degree requirements, specifically: Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC), Common Courses, Special Requirements and Electives.¬† Students completing these degrees typically matriculate to an Arizona public university with junior status and only need an additional 56-60 university credits to complete a bachelor’s degree consisting of 120 credits.

Completion of an associate degree does not necessarily guarantee admission to a particular university’s program of study. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with both a CAC academic advisor and the target university’s admissions advisor.

CAC also offers students a variety of one- and two-year programs to meet their diverse interests and goals, including degrees and certificates in over 100 fields of study.