Math Placement Guide

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Math Placement Guide

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Hello advisors and students,

This reference tool was created to assist you with your math placement at CAC.  

College level math (MAT141, MAT151, MAT162) is recommended for students that meet any one of the following:

1) ≥ 22 on ACT Math Section
2) ≥ 530 on SAT Math Section*
3) ≥ 165 on GED Mathematical Reasoning
4) ≥ 237 on Accuplacer Advanced Algebra & Functions
5) ≥ 286 on Accuplacer Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra & Statistics (eligible to enroll in MAT141 only)
6) Students with AP Calculus AB or BC Score of 2 are eligible to enroll into MAT221
7) Students with AP Statistics Score of 2 are eligible to enroll in MAT162
8) Appropriate placement via Skills Assessment Tool

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Students with Accuplacer scores may be eligible to “bump up” their placement according to attached Multiple Measures Sheet.

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Due to COVID19 some students may not be able to complete the Accuplacer.  For students who have not completed Accuplacer or other placement options listed above, college level math may be appropriate if one of the following is met; please discuss your pathway and placement with your advisor using the attached reference guides:

1) Proficient or Highly Proficient on AZ Merit Algebra II
2) ≥ 2.8 cumulative high school G.P.A and ≥ 3.0 high school math G.P.A. 

*G.P.A. within last 3 years

If the student and advisor determine college level math is not appropriate then MAT087 is suggested for non-STEM students.  MAT097 is suggested for STEM and Business students.  Please reference attached guides to assist with placement.


*New SAT which began spring 2016

**Students with AP, CLEP, IB, or Cambridge Scores can see the statewide “Exam Equivalency Guide” under “Tools” at

Want to brush up before your math class begins?  Please go to the tab “FREE math boot camps” for additional information. 

If you have questions about a math course, please feel free to contact the Mathematics Division Chair, Beverly Demaline, at 480-677-7834 or
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Fall 2021

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Want to brush up before your math class begins?  Attend a free one week Virtual math boot camp! 

Students who participate in Math Bootcamps

  • Improve their math skills.
  • Are better prepared for college-level math classes.
  • Pass their math classes at higher rates than students who didn’t participate in a Math Bootcamp.
  • Gain exposure to math classes in an online environment.
  • Are better prepared to take Online Math Classes.

Each Camp:

  • 4 days each week (Mon.-Thur.)
  • The Math Boot Camp offers you the ability to master math content.
  • Learn from math faculty & instructional specialists.
  • Learn how to use Blackboard and be an effective online student.
  • Best of all the camp is FREE!!  No tuition costs, no added fees, and no textbook costs!
  • Dates for the Summer 2021 Math boot camps:

Monday 9 am-  3 pm; Tuesday-Thursdays 9 am- 1 pm

June 7th-10th

June 14th – 17th

June 21st – 24th

Monday-Thursday 9 am-  3 pm

July 26th- July 29th

August 9th- 12th

If you have any questions about the 2021 Summer Bootcamps feel free to contact us.

Erik Peterson

Eliana Leamons 520-494-5057

Andrew Wilson