PROMISE REQUIREMENTS: Eligibility-Receive-Renew

Important! Failure to update information on your Promise Pledge form could result in your ineligibility for the Promise for the Future tuition award. Keep your Promise Pledge form update to date!

If you change schools, email, phone numbers, anything at all, notify the CAC Foundation staff at 520-494-5216 or

The Promise for the Future Educational Initiative provides funding for any tuition need that has not been met. Promise for the Future tuition funds will be applied after all other financial aid has been applied to the individual student account (excluding student loans).

Student Eligibility requirements for Promise for the Future tuition funds:

Pinal County students must submit the Promise Pledge in their 8th grade year.
Students must live in Pinal County,
graduate from a Pinal County public or charter high school
with a 2.75 or higher cumulative grade point average and
complete 20 hours of community service prior to graduation.

To receive the Promise for the Future funds, the student must:

Begin by the fall semester after high school graduation
Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form each year
Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester
Declare an eligible degree or certificate program

To renew the Promise for the Future funds each semester, the student must:

Enroll in 12 credit hours
Complete a minimum of 9 credits hours
Maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
Maintain continuous enrollment each semester excluding summer term
Allow the Financial Aid office to verify and ensure student meets eligibility requirements

If the student is unable to meet the requirements he/she will permanently lose the tuition funds.